About the Property Acquisition 
Support Line

The property acquisition process can sometimes be complicated and stressful.

While your acquisition support team is there to help you work through the practical aspects of that process, we understand that it can also be mentally and emotionally challenging.

To better support you, the NSW Government has introduced a free and confidential Property Acquisition Support Line. This service is available to all property owners, their families, tenants, commercial property and business owners, and employees affected by property acquisition. It is delivered by Converge International, which has a team of qualified psychologists and social workers for you to talk to.

These counsellors can help you develop skills and tools to protect your emotional and psychological wellbeing during this challenging time


Contacting the Property Acquisition 
Support Line

You do not need a referral to take advantage of the Property Acquisition Support Line. Simply call 1300 089 551 and speak with a Converge International team member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The counsellors are there to support you on a mental and emotional welfare basis. They are not able to answer practical or technical questions about the project, compensation, or relocation.

To discuss these aspects of the project, get in touch with your acquisition support team.

For general information about property acquisition in NSW, email the Centre for Property Acquisition or call 1300 029 146.


Privacy and confidentiality

All information provided during your calls and counselling sessions is strictly confidential. The Property Acquisition Support Line is operated by Converge International independently of the project team or acquiring agency.


More information

To find out more about the features of the service and how you can make an appointment, download a copy of the Property Acquisition Support Line fact sheet.

It is also available in Arabic, Chinese Simplified (Cantonese), Chinese Traditional (Mandarin), Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, and Vietnamese.